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Let Spring Flow

Spring is finally here. The best way to start spring is to know what’s poppin in these streets. I attended the Macy’s spring fashion event this past weekend to learn what is hot this season. I’m very excited about the Bold floral prints and the flowy dresses. A trend that I am definitely here for is the coastal blues and…

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What the Shein

People ask me all the time what is the deal with www.shein.com. My answer is they have not let me down yet. Buying online can be hit it or miss. What continues to help me is knowing my measurements and knowledge of fabric. Let’s be real these hips are no joke and playing no games. I need fabric with a…

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Top Down Support

I can’t tell you how many times at work I have heard or said top down support because when you get support from the top, it trikles down to those beneath. As I thought about thoes words, light bulbs and fireworks went off in my mind. I realized I can apply that same concept to finding an outfit for everything…

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