Watch me Flex

It can be uncomfortable to talk about our menstrual cycle. How many time have you asked for a pad or tampon in a low whisper. Almost ashamed like you don’t want anyone to know you are going through something that happens naturally every month. I find myself doing the same thing. Several months back I was determined to go beyond the normal and discover an alternative to using tampons and pads. I tried period panties. Although they worked okay they weren’t the alternative for me. I went to Walgreens and I walk down THE aisle. I was trying to decide between The Diva Cup which was around $45 or the store brand soft disc. They were more like $8-$10. Naturally I went with the discs. And so my adventure began.

I still have not tired the Diva Cup. The price point for me is discouraging. I just don’t want to spend $50 to experiment. Also the thought of having to rinse and reuse will take some getting use to. But I have friends that love it. I may get there one day.

I purchased the soft disc that are compared to the Flex disc. I had never used either so they were all the same to me. I like the idea that they were going to last up to 8 hours. The disc are hypoallergenic and does not cause toxic shock syndrome.They are not reusable and supposed to be very safe. I watched so many YouTube tutorials on how to put them in. So here is the real test people’s bodies are different and trying to insert them is trial and error. My first time trying was at night. I figured I’m home why not. I put the disc in standing up with one foot on the tub. I followed directions and inserted it as far as I could.I then went to bed but I was highly uncomfortable. I got up and it was a mess it didn’t work at all. I decided to try again. Maybe it was because I was lying down. Nope same outcome I went back to my old faithful tampons. They never let me down.
Here comes next month I look at the disc and I try again several times trying to use my investment. They never really worked for me. I started to wonder was it a weight thing. Were they not meant for a bigger body. I took to YouTube looking for reviews on the exact product and found someone who compared the Soft disc to the Flex Disc. She said they were not the same and she was not happy with the Soft disc and she loves Flex. I was sold so I ordered the Flex Disc. Omg they came in a super cute box. I again watched tutorials on how to insert. Their website was also helpful. This time I inserted the disc while sitting on the toilet. Ding ding ding that was a huge difference. This time when I inserted the disc it went back into uncharted territory. thought to myself oh that’s what they were talking about. I went to work and about 5 hours in I could feel leaking. Taking out the disc can be messy. Not my favorite part at all. I’d rather do it at home close to my sink. I love using the Flex disc for light days. I will use my tampons on days 2 and 3 when flow is at its heaviest. The other 3 days I use Flex and it’s great. You can put it in and 8 hours later take it out almost forgetting you are on your period. I have yet to go 12 hours.

The key to using the Flex disc is knowing the best body position to insert the disc. Knowing your body is key. I didn’t know mine that great. This experience has helped me get to know her a little better. Now I Flex every month.


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