I stated my menstrual cycle when I was in 3rd grade. At that age my only option was pads. They were huge like diapers. I remember feeling like everyone could tell that I was wearing them. I hated it, but at that point it was my only option. When I got to middle school I sneaked and bought a box of tampons. I was scared and didn’t want to tell my mother. I was always told that tampons were for girls that were sexually active. So I went to CVS and bought a box of Kotex. OMG they were huge. The thought of inserting them scared me so much I threw the box away without trying. Once I made it to high school my friends used tampons. I decided to try again this time I bought playtex plastic applicator. They were half the size. I read every thing. After reading about Toxic Shock Syndrome I almost threw another box in the trash. But I pushed through. Sitting on the toilet leg on tub I took a deep breath and did it. Afterwards the feeling of relief was real. I couldn’t believe how painless and easy it was. 20 years later I am still using tampons. This summer I decide to explore other options. All I know is pads and tampons.

I’m a diva maybe the Diva cup is for me. I wear panties so maybe period panties are for me. Just like the fear of trying tampons I a little scared to try new alternatives. When Lilova reched out and asked if I was interested in trying a pair of their period panties. I was on board. I got to try them out on a light day. The concept of wearing panties that absorb better than a pad was a little much. I tried them and unfortunately I have mixed reviews. On a light day or as a back up they are good. I normally wear a tampon and a pad just in case. So not having to wear both and still feeling safe was great. But here is the not so hot part. I am hippy with a big butt although the panties were a 3X the were not comfortable. They were hipsters and I need a full brief especially when its that time. I was extremely disappointed in the fit and lack of plus size options. Although they do have a full brief just not in my size. That seemed backwards to me. I am more than happy to try a brief when they get them in my size. The absorption and the technology was there too bad the fit wasn’t.

I still have not tried the Diva Cup. I can’t seem to muster up enough courage to do it. What if the cup spills and I make a mess? It’s not fear of pain but of the unknown. I have decied that August is the Diva Cup month. So stay tuned to see how it goes!

Lilova period panties

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