Let Spring Flow

Spring is finally here. The best way to start spring is to know what’s poppin in these streets. I attended the Macy’s spring fashion event this past weekend to learn what is hot this season. I’m very excited about the Bold floral prints and the flowy dresses. A trend that I am definitely here for is the coastal blues and the high-waisted jeans.
Let’s talk about floral prints. Don’t be afraid of floral. I have heard from multiple people that floral prints make you look bigger. Let’s throw that mess in the trash. It’s all about what you are wearing and how you are wearing it. I preached fit fit fit. If you are hesitant to wear floral skirts or pants that’s okay try a nice floral Blazer. They are definitely everywhere I see super cute floral Blazers. Lane Bryant has a blush floral Blazer that is absolutely amazing. I think a floral Blazer is the best place to start if you are hesitant. Or try an off the shoulder flowy top with some high-waisted jeans. Let’s just say super cute. That is crushing twzo Spring Trends all at once. Just don’t be afraid to jump out there and try something different.
While we are venturing out and exploring the world of floral prints let’s not forget to keep it flowing. Nice flowy long dress or even a nice skirts can set the mood. Be free this spring. Instead of a form-fitting structured maxi skirt swap it out for a nice flowy skirt with movement. A form-fitting maxi is definitely my go-to so this flowy trend is going to be a change of mindset for me. But again it’s all about fit so if I wear a flowy dress I will pair it with a belt so you are still able to see my waistline. It’s very easy to go too far with the flowy look you don’t want to look lost in your clothes.
I only want high-waisted jeans. I don’t think they ever go out of style for me. So this spring put on your high waisted jeans and live your best life. Happy Spring 😊

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