Top Down Support

I can’t tell you how many times at work I have heard or said top down support because when you get support from the top, it trikles down to those beneath. As I thought about thoes words, light bulbs and fireworks went off in my mind. I realized I can apply that same concept to finding an outfit for everything from daily work/fun to major events and shows. My daily, “what to wear” struggle always starts with the question of where do I even begin? I’m the person who gets out of the shower in the morning and stalls to get ready because I’m plagued with what I’m going to wear. And yes, I have tried a million times to get clothes ready the night before and it just never works out for me, despite my better efforts. For me, it’s always the question of do I start with the bottoms and figure out top, or should I consider reversing that process? I resently bought some tops from that has made me rethink my bottom first mentality. I suggest you visit the site for trendy top with great prices. Even better use cupon code CEE15 and save 15% off. On ordera of $59+ of plus size items!!If I allow my top to be the main character in this love story called an outfit, the supporting cast can be super simple. So as to practice what I preach, this past month I decided on a top and let the rest flow. This may sound like the most simple and maybe even ridiculous thing, but it has been a huge success for my daily outfit struggle. But maybe it’s just the way my mind works, which is anything but ordinary. Before when I chose my bottoms first I would go through so many tops trying to figure out which top will work best, but now that I choose the top first it all seems to click so much better! And if all else fails, where are my black leggings at lol. With the slightest change in my process, it has really made the biggest difference. I also realized you can take that same mentality and apply it to a lot of aspects in your life. What I mean by that is when you feel like one process isn’t working maybe you don’t need to completely change it, but instead just tweak it a little. I have spent countless hours trying to completely redo various processes in my life, just to find that more times than not it’s just a small piece that needs to be revamped. As I enter into a new year I’m not looking to change me. That saying, “New year new me” is a big no thank you for me because the current me is pretty awesome, I just may need some little tweaks here and there and get that top down support. Happy New Year, lovebugs!


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