Horazonal Poka

When you’re a 22/24 at the bottom, the color black is your security blanket. My personal go-to has always been a dark bottom because I have been told for so long that black is slimming and although I agree with that, why use this security blanket? What am I trying to hide? The reality is this, I have thunder thighs and I will continue to work out and do something about them, but until I reach my goal I vow to love the skin I’m in, my thunder thighs and all. I’ve learned that you can love yourself while making changes, don’t let anyone tell you different. But in the meantime, give me polka dots and give me stripes. I have fallen in love with polka dots this season! Just like this black and white polka dot jumpsuit has given me life and can be found on www.fashionnova.com.

I now ask myself, why stop at polka dots and stripes? Why not jump out there with floral and light color bottoms too. Yes, the color and pattern matters, but not as much as the fit. Bottoms that are too big or too small can make you look bigger, so finding that just right fit is everything. If you’re like me and love ordering online, you’ve learned that there is definitely a trial and error to overcome, so don’t be afraid to send something back if it isn’t just right. When I find a brand that can fit these thighs, they will get my money! So jump out there and explore diffetent fits and patterens. I say, bring on the polka dots❤

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  • by Marquita johnson
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